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Live Q&A

Slido is the easiest way to collect questions for your Q&A sessions. People can ask questions from any device and without downloads or logins.

Slido live video integration.

Run your live Q&A in 3 steps

1. Create your Slido

Create your Q&A session and let your participants join via a code or link.

2. Collect questions

Let people send and upvote the questions they want to hear answered.

3. Share with your audience

Show the questions on the screen and manage them live.

See how it works

Try asking a question, voting on others or checking the replies.
Please note that the questions are moderated – they won’t appear in the Host view immediately.

Participant view

Host view


Address the most important topics

Make your Q&A or Ask Me Anything sessions more efficient and democratic. Slido lets everyone see and upvote each other’s questions, pushing the most relevant ones to the top.


Hear from vocal and silent folks alike

Many great questions never get asked because of a lack of courage. With Slido, people can submit questions anonymously, which brings even the most pressing ones to light.


Have control over what questions get through

Keep your live Q&A clear of irrelevant, duplicate or poorly formulated questions. Moderation allows you to review all incoming questions before your participants can see them.

Present view

Display the questions during the Q&A

Let everyone see which question is being answered at the moment. Slido lets you display and manage live questions so it’s easier for everyone to follow the discussion.


Gain valuable insights with analytics

Discover the top questions and topics and the overall mood of your Q&A. All questions are automatically stored in your account, ready for download and analysis.

Get more from Slido Q&A

Collect questions in advance

Start collecting questions before the Q&A via a link and get more time to prepare the answers.


Reply to submitted questions as a host and let participants comment on each other’s questions as well.


Export your questions to Excel or Google Sheets and work with them after your Q&A.


Make your Q&A more organized by categorizing the questions with labels.


Embed live Q&A into your website, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Microsoft Teams and more.

Questions sentiment BETA

Analyze the tone of the questions and see how many were positive, negative or neutral.

See why others love Slido

TTC logo.
The ease of use is huge. You can set up and run a Q&A or a survey in no time.
Jessica Kosmack
Senior Comms Specialist
Suntory logo.
Slido is intuitive and simple. Our employees got it instantly without any special instructions. And it’s easy for me to manage. The user experience is excellent.
Norito Yonezawa
Corporate Strategy Planner
Festival of Marketing logo.
As an organizer, you want the event technology to be intuitive and easy, and that’s what Slido is.
Chris Chapman
Former Director
Swiss Re logo.
Compared to previous solutions where you needed to stand up and ask a question, by integrating Slido into the event we came up from 4 questions to 40.
Jan Mikulas
Community Engagement Manager
TTC logo.
We’ve tried many traditional ways to collect questions via email or using physical question boxes. Overall, Slido got us the highest amount of questions in the shortest amount of time.
Jessica Kosmack
Senior Comms Specialist
A1 Garage logo.
Instead of multiple follow-up calls about the same topic, we now get most questions during the meeting and we address them instantly. This saves me a lot of time.
Brian Davenport
VP of Service
Health Catalyst logo.
Using Slido helped the team engage participants even more than they did during the physical events.
Andrew Frueh
SVP, User Experience
Suntory logo.
Slido allows people to come out of their shells and overcome their shyness. It helps us uncover ideas from silent employees.
Norito Yonezawa
Corporate Strategy Planner
I Got Mind logo.
Slido helps us build that trust we need for people to open up. Anonymity gives people a chance to respond without speaking out loud and feeling judged. It’s powerful.
Bob Wilkie
Founder & Mental Health Coach
Global Association logo.
We used to get complaints about the representativeness of questions, but this has all gone thanks to Slido.
Mark Orrs
Out of Office logo.
Slido is an essential part of any event I produce. I love that it provides more efficient Q&A by encouraging clear, concise questions and democratizing the conversation.
Morgan Catalina
Creative Producer
SXSW EDU logo.
The ability to democratize the Q&A portion of most sessions helps mitigate the dominant perspectives being the only ones being voiced at the conference and ensures everyone has a voice.
Greg Rosenbaum
General Manager

Host better Q&A sessions.